About us


In this “Digital Era”, data has become an integral part of all organizations in making critical business decisions. Globally DS & AI is expected to reach US $210 billion by 2022 and India to become the “Knowledge Capital” & be among the top 5 countries with revenues of US $16 billion by 2025. With this explosion of data, the critical need is to harness complex, high volume, high speed data into insights.

Why this initiative?

It is estimated that the Indian Data Science industry will be US $ 16 billion by 2025, from the current US $ 2 billion. This requires, an urgent need to develop the Data Sciences ecosystem by aligning - Innovation, Research, Talent, and Business requirements across stakeholders including Industry, Government, Academia, Innovators, and Buyer Enterprises. In addition, India should build on the convergence of technology advancements in open source, machine learning, deep learning etc., with deployable Data Science innovations.

CoE-DS & AI will provide a platform for innovation, research, talent & capacity development, and building stack / solutions leveraging the latest technology and skills for government and user enterprises.