Catalyse Innovation

NASSCOM CoE-DSAI is catalyzing India’s Data Science & Artificial Intelligence ecosystem by accelerating co-innovation by enterprises and innovators - Innovate2Build, augmenting government’s resources to deliver better and more efficient public services - AI For GOOD, fast tracking AI product development - Innovation factory, enabling talent to be industry ready - AI Paathshaala, and future proofing through industry - academia collaboration.

Here is an illustration brochure depicting the 4 pillars of CoE-DSAI for Download (PDF 14.8Mb)

AI for Good

Bringing the power of AI for public service and last mile delivery to drive sustainable development...

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Innovate2Build is the Co-Ideate, Co-Innovate, Co-Create Platform to enable Enterprises to augment an..

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AI Paathshala

Industry AI readiness for professionals, students and research scholars...

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Innovation Factory

Accelerating AI Product Innovations and Innovators. Bringing Innovations To Life with go-to-market s..

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