The Co-Ideate, Co-Innovate, Co-Create Platform to enable Enterprises augment and accelerate their AI capabilities by partnering with appropriate Innovators and Academia.

  • Xperience AI - Innovations showcase based on capability and domain
  • Reverse Mentoring - Business Applicability Mentoring by Innovators
  • Use Case Platform - Technical Platform to identify and source solutions for use-cases
  • Accelerated PoCs - Business challenges based on need and criteria to identify best-fit solutions
  • Strategic Innovation Groups - Domain Focused AI solutions, playbooks and knowledge assets
  • Future-proofing - Co-create solutions with Academia & Research Institutes for long term competitive market edge
  • Skills - Enabling AI literacy across organizations

Salient accomplishments

  • FOUR Enterprises Accelerated
  • NINE Demo Days
  • Xperience AI - A unique showcase event for innovators and enterprises to witness the magic of AI solving challenges in real time

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