Innovation Factory

The pillar of CoE - DSAI helps accelerate Innovations and Innovators in the field of AI. The ultimate aim is to ensure these Innovations can become real Solutions and reach the right market.

The key enablers in this journey include our Connects with Industry since Enterprises can provide us with relevant curated Use Cases where these Innovations can be applied, thereby help adapt and fortify the AI Solutions. In addition, we can provide and arrange to mentor in Technical, Business and Soft skills and also set up High Performance Computing or AI Labs on demand. Access to academia for fresh industry ready talent as well as knowledge workshops for reskilling will also help these Innovators.

Salient accomplishments

  • 6 innovators accelerated
  • 30 innovators virtual accelerated
  • Business connects

Success Stories


Floatbot is an omnichannel chatbot and voice bot development platform to boost customer engagement..

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UTOR Labs audits & remediates gaps based on industry best practices in the areas of security, design..

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BlinkEye Labs

Use the power of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to improve drive safety..

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