Agriculture as an industry encompasses many different areas where DS and AI can be leveraged for better monitoring, tracking and produce optimization.

Farmers can benefit from innovative AI solutions to ensure they have better yield and higher returns. Agriculture being the core industry of Indian Economy, it is highly imperative to leverage the latest solutions.

Here are some of the solutions that DS & AI can provide in this industry.

Sorting and supply chain

  • Sorting Fruits and Vegetables
  • Agricultural Product Grading using Image Analysis
  • Demand Planning leading to optimum pricing based on harvest cycles
  • Optimizing purchasing mix across suppliers and locations


  • Soil Quality Monitoring and Management – Sensor Based with deep-learning algorithms to process additional data captured by drones and/or software-based technology to monitor crop and soil health
  • Pest Management using Image Analysis


  • Computer Vision based remote monitoring of equipment, crops, and livestock
  • Agricultural Robots - handle essential agricultural tasks such as harvesting crops at a higher volume and faster pace than human laborers


  • Automated Irrigation Systems – Closed Loop, Volume Based, Time Based


  • Optimizing seed planting, fertilization, irrigation, spraying and harvesting

Farm Management

  • Construct detailed map of farm characteristics leveraging GIS and Aerial Data
  • Automation and Robotics for Weed Control

Price and product optimization

  • Optimize pricing in real time based on future market, weather and other forecasts


  • Customize growing techniques specific to individual plot characteristics and relevant real time date
  • Sowing Advisories

Yield Mapping and forecasting

  • Predict yield for farming or production leveraging IoT Sensor data and other relevant data
  • Predict new high-value crop strains based on past crops, weather/soil trends and other data


  • Predict Failure and recommend proactive maintenance for farming and associated equipment

"By using these technologies and AI and giving accurate and timely information regarding crops, weather and insects etc, the farmers may improve the crop productivity, reduce the risk and improve the income of the farmers" - Narendra Singh Tomar

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