Healthcare Industry has many functions/subfunctions where DS & AI can be leveraged to automate and accelerate the processing time required for diagnostics, patient monitoring and management.

Healthcare professionals can benefit from DS & AI solutions to ensure accuracy in prognosis and also improve training capabilities with virtual reality.

Here are some of the solutions that DS & AI can provide in this industry

Genetics & Genomics

  • Integration and analysis of different kinds of data with genomic data in disease research
  • genomic data in disease research
  • Genetic sequences mapping and shortens the time for efficient data processing
  • Gene Analytics and Editing

Drug Discovery

  • Computational drug discovery vide computer model simulations Forecasting on compounds and their action
  • Simplify and Shorten time for drug certification


  • Call Center Automation
  • Paper work Automation
  • Audit Automation
  • Process Automation


  • AR/VR Simulations and Training for Customer Support and Staff

Virtual Assistants

  • Chat bots
  • Targeted Tele-Medicine Database

Predictive Medicine

  • Prognosis and Diagnosis Accuracy
  • Disease/Condition Predictions
  • Precision Medicine

Patient Management

  • Patient Data Analytics
  • Real time case prioritization
  • Assisted diagnosis and prescription
  • Personalised Medications and Care
  • Propensity to Pay and Insurance Analytics

Healthcare Management

  • Brand Management and Marketing
  • Healthcare System Analysis - sift through the data to highlight mistakes in treatments, workflow inefficiencies, and helps area healthcare systems avoid unnecessary patient hospitalizations


  • Health Trackers
  • AI enabled diagnostic devices

Medical Image Analysis

  • Image Processing
  • Diagnostic accuracy by learning from the previous examples
  • Content-based medical image indexing, and wavelet analysis for solid texture classification

"The potential for both AI and robotics in healthcare is vast. Just like in our every-day lives, AI and robotics are increasingly a part of our healthcare ecosystem" - PwC Global

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