Inkers, NASSCOM, NVIDIA to train over 1000+ professionals

The programme is aiming to train more than 1K professionals under its EIP – 3.0 Knowledge Series.

After the successful EIP1 and EIP2 (External Internship Programs), Inkers, begins its EIP3 Program, designed especially for the Working professionals, on Machine Learning for Deep Neural Networks, open for learners from all domains. EIP 3.0, now powered by NASSCOM's CoE IoT & AT and NVIDIA, begins enrolment on  The course will start from 18th February 2019. The resources for this program are provided by NASSCOM, NVIDIA, and, absolutely at no cost.

EIP in the past, has encouraged interns from start-ups to massive MNCs, which includes Walmart, Microsoft, Bosch, Amazon, IBM, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, JPMorgan etc. from students to CEO,across every age group (from 14 to 65). The strategy for EIP 3.0shall be to focus more on Handson experience first, and then, take you deeper into concepts. With NASSCOM collaborating in EIP3 program for empowering the AI learning ecosystem and providing resources and NVIDIA sending its leading experts for advanced, EIP 3.0 shall make use of tons of in-house designed graphical content to help understand concepts faster.

Commenting on the upskill program Version3.0 Mr. Rohan Shravan, Founder &CEO - Inkers said, “We are thrilled with the response and success of our earlier programs. Until today we have trained over 450 participants in EIP1 and 700 with EIP2, with EIP 3 we are confident to spread the learning & development stronger. With the programs, we aim to unravel deeper concepts currently in use in ML algorithms & also democratize AI and ML knowledge”

Expressing his thoughts on the development, Mohanakrishnan, Head –CoE, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, NASSCOM, said, “Our industryis in a compelling need for skill development at present which should betreated with utmost priority. As we move towards Industry 4.0, with theoverly dynamic trends of the industry, constant changes in technologiesand the way businesses operate, there is a very advanced skill setrequired by the workforce. It is imperative that we equip our work forceto deal with futuristic technologies such as AI, ML, robotics, blockchainetc. As technology permeates through various industries,this symbiosis of skills and innovation will not only be well absorbedacross industries, but also help co-create a powerful digital learningecosystem.”

Speaking for NVIDIA, Nidhiya V Raj, Startup& Developer Ecosystem said, “NVIDIA is glad to support the EIP initiative that invokes a great transition for students as well as the working professionals to advance in the field of AI. As a company pioneeringin the AI revolution, we believe that curated re-skilling interventions are the need of the hour and EIP 3.0 Knowledge Series serves as a great platform to bridge thisgap in the industry”

One of the EIP graduates, Pavithra Solai Jawahar, whose AI startup was recently acqui-hired by Swiggy said, "Being in EIP immensely helped me in furthering my understanding of Deep Learning. Rohan's teaching methodology demystified tough concepts for me and piqued my curiosity to read and implement more papers. And the best part of EIP is its hands-on-approach which is the most effective way to learn ML and DL."

With this initiative, Inkers and NASSCOM are bolsteringtheir mission to transform Indian traditional IT industries into a digital organization with a future-ready workforce to meet the demands of hands-on experience in AI and ML. Inkers, backed by Flipkart Founders, conducts its EIP programs free of cost in Bangalore as a part of its Upskilling Knowledge Series Program.

Source : Deccan Chronicle

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